Five Minutes

Five Minutes Can Make All the Difference

Sure, a cruise to a beautiful tropical island might seem like the perfect antidote to your situation, but the fact is, you don’t need a two-week vacation to experience a difference. Sometimes a few minutes of just being able to breathe is all it takes.

All new mothers — those with PPD and those who don’t experience its symptoms — have been taught the myth that if we don’t want to spend every moment with our babies, then we are somehow bad mothers who don’t love our children as much as we should.

That is simply not true!!!

It is vitally important to take some time for yourself. And it is also important to be able to do so without guilt.

So, guilt-free, lean on your partner, your family, or your friends to give you at least three or four real breaks (a few hours at a time) each week. Even if you only sit in your room and listen to music, or walk through your backyard and let the sun shine on your face, take that time for yourself without having to worry about your baby — or yourself. You’ll be glad you did.